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Hello everyone,

Please sign my petition to get Paramore to add a
Welsh date to upcoming UK tour, spread the word and RT! http://twitition.com/jhk9o
Thanks sooo much guys!


I just wondered if anyone knows if anyone who's been on the rescheduled tour dates in the UK and upcoming dates in Portsmouth and Nottingham etc noticed any new merchandise at all? Especially girls clothing, hoodies, posters or badges. Like anything that's not in the FBR Webstore or hottopic or hmv and play.com, you know just the mundane things that everyone has coz it's all so widely available? Has anyone got any pics or could describe any of the new stuff please?

Also I have a HUGE favour to ask from you lovely LJs, if there's any new merch going would you please get me some things pretty please?  I'll pay you straight away via paypal of course and pay for all postage to the uk.

If anyone would do that for me i'd be so so grateful i'm espesh looking for posters and badges aswell as girls clothingness.

Let me know please guys.

Paralove to you all,




At GIAN 2008 @ London Earl's Court I met a bunch of really rocking bunch of Paramore LJ members.  Some of them had the yellow snap bracelets on which I have stupidly missed the post on here about. Awful sorry I can't remember your name but a rocking gal with Hannah, also from the LJ said I could still get 'em here and wondered if you could please please send me the link with all the info please someone? I need to order 4 bracelets in total, 2 sent to the same address and 2 sent to another address you see and just wondered if we can pay via Paypal, how much they cost including p+p etc please?

I know none of you want to hear this coz the order deadline has probably passed months ago and I'm so very sorry but if you guys could help me out that'd be great!

Uber loadsa thank youness,

Sasha Chloe Smithness xV^^Vx